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Picture of a repaired break in a well

  •  Swage – Hydraulic tool used for patching well casing and formation screen 

    • Its a simple tool to operate but knowing how to properly use it is as much art as it is physics and engineering knowledge 

    •  Fishing is the art of retrieving whole pumps or pump parts (bowls) from the well  

  • Lining - Some companies simply install a whole new liner in the well but that reduces the well efficiency by more than 50% most of the time. Liners will cover up the existing formation screens restricting water flow and well performance. We have come up with some innovative procedures to minimize the use of liners thereby giving you the yield results that you require. We will perform this service but only as a last resort.  It is more work to simply replace sections of the well structure that have been damaged through extensive corrosion but the end result is a more efficient well. Upon completion of work video services performed to determine success or need for further action

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