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Drought conditions in California are here to stay and the valley's access to groundwater has become more challenging than ever. Wells don't dry up as much as they become plugged, biofouled or even broken due to over pumping and subsidence. Pump performance declines over time resulting in variability in water output and, ultimately, decreased yields. Overworked pumps cost more to operate both in energy use and maintenance/repairs. The risk of failure increases and downtime for service can be catastrophic. Drilling a new well is cost prohibitive so the answer is REPAIR, REHAB and RESTORE   


The most effective way to improve well efficiencies is to deploy a combination of chemical and mechanical cleaning methods. The problem in the past had been that traditional chemicals used required HazMat certification, were dangerous to transport and use, and often weakened the casing they were being deployed to fix. US Water Well uses and recommends Redi Clean, a patented chemical product line that breaks down well buildup of mineral scaling, corrosion, and iron bacteria without the harmful effects of traditional acid solutions. The products are NSF certified and ship exclusively and conveniently from our Fresno warehouse. 


US Water Well is committed to partnering with pump companies throughout Northern and Central California to insure the continued availability of water supplies for agriculture and municipalities.

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