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Working alongside your pump company we solve water well problems. The day after a well is drilled and the new pump is installed the productivity of this new well begins its gradual but steady decline. Known in the industry as increased drawdown. Most managers don’t call until there is a significant loss in output or a complete failure.  It is our job to get you the water that you need quickly to nourish thirsty crops and people, we prefer to help you before that happens. Here is how we do it:


Whether your needs include simple well cleaning services or a full turnkey solution, US Water Well will work with your pump company to provide a complete well remediation prescription.


Depending on your pump company's requirements, we can provide some or all of the following services:


Efficiency Testing

US Water Well can conduct performance tests for a single well or an entire account. We will create plots and diagrams to help identify potential issues and determine whether problems are pump or well related. Upon completion of all of our work we perform a final test in order to measure the success of our efforts.


Video Surveying

Once a pump is removed, we lower a video camera into the well to perform a visual inspection for breaks and plugged perforations. Videos are reviewed by an expert who can identify issues and problems in order to come up with a successful remediation plan. Before reinstalling the pump we will inspect the well one last time to make sure the job was done right.


Remediation Solutions 

Repair – Swage services, liners, & patches

Rehab – Brush, swab, & air lift

Restore – Redi Clean chemical and biocidal treatments, brush, swab, isolation air lift, suction flow treatments remove deposits and sediment. 


US Water Well is the authorized distributor for Redi Clean products in Northern and Central California. Regular applications of Redi Clean chemicals can help provide greater GPM and prevent downtime. 

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