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Redi Clean Acid™

Redi Clean Acid is a dry granular acid specifically designed to dissolve iron bacteria and other scales associated with water wells. The hardest problem in remediation of wells is iron bacterial incrustation and this is where other “similar” products fall short. Redi Clean not only completely dissolves the iron bacteria, but the resulting PH < 2 will readily dissolve mineral deposits and other associated incrustations. This product is available in 40 lb. containers, with one 40 lb. container making 400 gallons of acid.

See Volume Table to calculate hole volume.    |    Redi Clean Acid™ Safety Data Sheet   |



Formulated from food-grade components, Redi Clean Acid Activator™ is designed to enhance the cleaning and disinfecting properties of the Redi Clean Acid™. This product drives the PH of the Redi Clean Acid™ lower and holds it down longer to ensure an effective removal of mineral scale while enhancing the eradication of bacteria. Redi Clean Acid Activator™ also contains a surfactant that aides in removal of mud damage from improperly developed wells. This product is available in 4 gallon containers and is used in conjunction with the 400 gallons of Redi Clean Acid™.

See Volume Table to calculate hole volume.   |   Redi Clean Acid Activator™ Safety Data Sheet   | 



Redi Chlor™ is a dry, granular calcium hypochlorite product and EPA registered as a biocide for disinfection of water wells. This product CAN NOT be mixed with Redi Clean Acid™ or Redi Clean Acid Activator™. It is an effective and inexpensive method for disinfection of the formation outside of the gravel pack. The use of this product on its own is recommended after initial remediation has occurred but should be implemented as an annual preventative maintenance program. This product is available in 25 lb. and/or 50 lb. containers, which is mixed at a rate of 1 pound per 100 gallons of water.

Redi Chlor™ is to be used before or after the Redi Clean Acid™ treatment, but NEVER mixed together at the surface.

See Volume Table to calculate hole volume.  |   Redi Clean Acid Activator™ Safety Data Sheet    |


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